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Topic: South St. Paul Main Guestbook
We have loved having a few of you join us, Singers in Accord, for our benefit concert. The full male sound is fantastic!
Sheri Williams <email address not entered>
01/12/12 10:29 (EST)


Topic: South St. Paul Main Guestbook
I'm sending a greeting to you from my father, John Sablak, who used to sing with you for a number of years in the 1970's and 1980's or so. He is now 87 and being cared for by people we know in Grand Rapids that care for 4 seniors in their home (a big log cabin in the country outside of Bovey). When my sister visited the week before, she found out about the Big Sing on April 30 in Grand Rapids, and just had to make another trip up then to take him to it. He was thrilled, as he had sung at quite a few himself, and hoped he'd see someone he knew, but did not.

I will watch your website for the next Spaghetti dinner concert in So St Paul to see if we can't get him back down to So St Paul for it so that he can mingle with you once again. I see there is one this week, but it's too soon to get that all arranged.

Just wanted to say HI for him, and to let you know how much he enjoyed it.
Twyla Sablak
Twyla Sablak <email address not entered>
05/02/11 16:00 (EST)


Topic: South St. Paul Male Chorus Guestbook
Just to look at your photos, it is clear that singing is good for the heart! I direct a men's chorus at our church in Greenville, SC., and wish you all the best.
Steve Lawton <email address not entered>
04/07/10 14:38(CDT)

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