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To Class Of 1953
From: Marilyn Boe, Carol Miller, Earl Miller, Ancy Morse
Re: Special Events for "1953-ers" and All Class Reunion June 30-July 1
Date: March 2, 2007

Are your plans about made to be in IF for the ACR this year??

The following are special events for our Class of 1953 - one during the ACR and another shortly after:

  1. During the ACR: a buffet dinner and program, etc., at Thunderbird Lodge, Saturday, June 30, 4PM. This is for the class of 1952 and 1953. 1952's will celebrate their 55th year and have invited us to share the facility and the festivities. We appreciate this invitation! Do plan to attend ... should be an entertaining evening! The cost of the dinner and evening is a modest $25 per person. (Send in Reservation Form with your check by June 1.)

  2. Our usual "every-year-same-time" event -- July 5th, 4PM -- dinner and evening at Holiday Inn. No reservation is required ... just come, and each person orders his/her own dinner from a special menu available that evening. Simple!

We look forward to seeing you in IF this summer!!

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