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Smokey Bear
     The Smokey Bear statue was built in 1954 and is 26 feet tall. Smokey holds a shovel and protects two adorable cartoon bear cubs. So why Smokey the Bear in International Falls? Well, this is a heavily forested logging area. There are many beautiful fishing and sporting resorts even further out.
     (Smokey Bear: International Falls, MN, 3rd St. (US 71) and 6th Ave. in a park.)
"Icebox of the Nation"
     In the middle of the summer, it's hard to appreciate how cold it can get in International Falls, the coldest spot in 48 states. The self-proclaimed "Icebox of the Nation" lies on America's northern border across from the Canadian town of Fort Francis.
     International Falls erected a 22-foot high thermometer "as a tribute to the local climate." The current World's Largest Thermometer is actually in Baker, California, a hot spot in the Mojave Desert. At any size, the thermometer kept International Falls on the map, a weather PR darling referenced in countless national TV weather reports.
     (Update: The Thermometer stopped working in 2002 and the town dismantled it. Click here to see The "Virtual Thermometer". It's on the ACR homepage too.)

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