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Topic: Class of 1972:
Comments: In checking the registration, I noticed only 6 classmates from the class of 1972. Where are you guys? ...more...
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Kathleen Manka Hultman-1972
Topic: Class of 1953:
Comments: Don Frank 1935-2006 has passed away. ---> (Green Larsen Notice) --> (Daily Journal Notice)
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December 09, 2006
Topic: Class of 1953
Comments: ... every year, the 1953 ers rendezvous at 4 PM on July 5th, and is open to whoever comes. Each person orders own meal, drinks, etc., and we keep it very simple. We expect there will be some who will not be at the ACR who may come to our regular event, and vice versa ... As to our special time with the ACR, the classes of 1952 and 1953 are combining ... and it will be a dinner at Thunderbird on Saturday, June 30 ...
Ancy Morse <Email Address Not Printed>
10/13/06 21:48 (EST)
Topic: Classes of 1950, 1951 - 1947, 1948 - Parade/Fireworks - Churches
Comments: The Classes of 1950 and 1951 will gather on Sunday, July 1 at about 5 p.m. at the THUNDERBIRD.
   Also planning a get-together early that Sunday evening are the Classes of 1947 and 1948 at the 19th Hole.
   More details forthcoming for both of these.
   The parade is that afternoon (Sunday) and the Canadian fireworks will light the skies near 9 p.m.
   Zion Lutheran Church, I'm sure, is going to have a reception that Sunday morning; also St. Thomas will probably do something and I'd think several of the others!!! For sure the committee will encourage all of them and I'll keep you posted.
Janet Schultheis <Email Address Not Printed>
09/18/06 11:18 (EST)

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