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Submit Information and Photos For The Web Pages
    Thanks for looking in on this page. I hope you will submit something that I can use on the web pages -- news is especially important on these pages. Send what you want though. If I can't use the news on the web pages, I'll send it on to the ACR Tri-Chairs or to the Alumi Newsletter Editor.
    I do not have a way to allow you to upload your own pictures or photos or documents directly to a web page so you must go through me (as the web manager) to do that. (See: Submit Photos & Documents below!)
Submit Information
    I keep it very basic so if you are looking for ways to post things like some of the new modern sites, that does not exist (yet). I prefer NOT to list email address and personal contact information since SPAMMERS & ROBOTS are constantly searching the internet for things like that to sell and SPAMMMMMMMMMMM us. I, as the web manager, pretty much control things here. There are a few places that entries can be made by people that have a username and password but I try to keep them simple (and at the same time not get inundated with useless SPAM).

Just send me an email (with your information)
Contact the Web Manager
(If you contact me with this above tool, you will get an email address that we can use to communicate directly with each other.)
Complete the following and click the send button at the end.

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Submit Photos & Documents
See also: ---> | Message Board (entry on Sep 21, 2006)
    The photo/picture/document stuff is done through me. Most people send me pictures (or I take them myself) and place them on pages that can be accessed by the world.
    I much prefer original high quality pictures in digital format (not something that is cut down automatically by some application for web use) so I can edit (crop and resize if necessary) so they look good in the formats that I use.

1 - Regular Mail

    I also have a scanner and can scan printed photos (or other material - like newspaper clipping which don't scan very well but I'll do something with them.). You will need to send those to me via regular mail (make sure you include your mailing address so I can return the items to you). You will need to contact me to get my mailing address - Web Manager

2 - Email Attachments

    I can handle Microsoft Word documents (some others also) very easily when attached to an email message.

    It is certainly OK to send a few pictures at a time via email attachments but that may quickly bogs down as servers and ISPs just do not allow fast transfer via email. (Movies take too much server space to display here so please do not send Movies.)

Send A Photo
This can work if you use your own email application ...
Click to attach a Photo to an email message.
Please include a brief description of the photo...

    I have no idea if anyone will send picts so my system will have to evolve.
    Most people will probably attach picts to an email message. Please place some limit on the number of picts that you attach to an email message or my box will get filled.
    Please send high quality picts if you have a choice.
    I'd like to group the picts by Class if possible so it would really help if you would identify primarily the FHS Class. You may identify the names of persons in the picts also if appropriate (not always possible and desired -- some picts are fun without the persons identified).

    **If you upload your pictures to some other photo system (there are many commercial systems that allow you to do this), you may just send me the link to your picture page and i will include the link on the AFTER ACR photo page!

Click to attach a Photo
_OR_ Contact the Web Manager for an email address for pictures.

3 - America Online Instant Messenger Works Well !!!!!!!!

    We have found that America Online Instant Messenger (it is a free download and completely free to use for anyone --- you do not have to be an America Online subscriber) works extremely well to directly transfer huge files between us.
    The one requirement is that we must know each other's buddy name and must be online to make the transfer work. (With modems, the transfer rate may be quite slow but many of us have some kind of high speed connection so it works.) (I use DSL but the others in my family use a Cable Modem or Satellite Connection from their homes.)
    AIM is wonderful for direct chats also. I communicate many quick exchanges and updates with people in this way.
    AIM (short for America Online Instant Messenger) works well. I have several "buddy names" on AIM but the one that is online ALL THE TIME is the first one I initiated when I didn't know anything about anything. I have used it for about a dozen years.

    I am always online but I have people blocked that are not on my buddy list so, if you sign up for this free AIM service, make sure you email me your buddy name so I can enter it in my list making it possible for you to find me there.
I am often online with my laptop too: davidt1935mobile

Get your software at
DavidT (1935) (Class of 1953) ;-)

4 - I have other ways but I think I'll reserve them until there is some action here!!!

Contact the Web Manager

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