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Comments: as you know I am ingenue re computers but found this web site and think it is a great idea. any relatives who want to contact me send an e mail. I dont have scan ability on this computer to send pix but can receive and print them. I will be celebrating my 70th birthday this april l2th and am trying to think of some thing special to do for same. dont have the money to go to norway but would love to. or a cruise maybe. I once worked for a company who remodeled cruise ships. should have gone then.
joan jorgine shapira, daughter nate and jorgine shapira

joan jorgine shapira <Email Address Not Printed>
01/25/05 14:24

Topic: family tree, searching for
Comments: You have a very interesting web site, though not helpful in my search for extended tree,one with many branches. but, you never know.
My line hails from w. virginia, via ohio, indiana, new york and who knows where.
richard alonzo thomas <Email Address Not Printed>
11/27/04 00:03
Topic: Maurice H. SKONES & I are 3rd-cousins
Comments: To whomever is in charge of this site and/or is interested in the SKONES Family genealogy: I am a 3rd-cousin of Maurice H. SKONES (i.e. we are both great-great-grandchildren of Mikael Henriksen SKAANES, Senior (b. April 2, 1811 in Levanger, Troedelag, Norway; d. 1915 in Sundown, MN) and Mali Torstendatter LIAN (b. _?; d. 1873). Would you please contact me so that we could exchange genealogical information?
Warmest regards (and many thanks in advance),
Alexander F. Busek
In der Reute 11
D-72135 Dettenhausen
Alexander F. Busek <Email Address Not Printed>
07/02/03 10:06
Topic: Thomas
Comments: I am looking for history about my grandfather his name was Victor Charles Thomas.
He was born in Palm Dale California. Mother Mina Lee Thomas Father Charles Thomas.
Catherine <Email Address Not Printed>
06/22/03 18:39
Comments: I'v just looked at a nice and interesting website. Thank you
Regards Ingvar Bengtsson SWEDEN
Ingvar Bengtsson <Not Printed>
12/17/02 07:36
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