A series of help pages for Macintosh computer users!

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Purchase Computer Items on the Web

(This hasn't been updated in some time but I still use it!)

Purchase Computer Items on the Web!
There aren't many local places to purchase Macintosh computers/peripherals but there are some nice places on the web in addition to the standard mail order sites listed below (you can call many of these places with their 800 numbers also):

Club Mac

Ever need Tiger on CDRom (rather than on DVD)? Want to know how to "Take Apart" all the Mac Computers?

Check These Too!!
  • Flip3 Mac
  • Tips at OWC
  • Ask Jacob
  • Battery University
  • AppleFritter


  • Pure Mac for Macintosh
  • Mac Orchard for Macintosh
  • ChezMark Newest Shareware for Macintosh
  • Tucows for PC (and Mac) stuff
  • CharlesSoft

    Recommended Reading

  • Tech Notes Recommended to subscribe - all Mac Users
  • ***Places for Mac orders*** (More listed on the Handy Items page.)
    1. Other World Computing (all upgrades)

    2. RAM Memory at "The Chip Merchant"
    3. RAM Memory at "Ramjet"
    4. RAM Memory (Tech Notes)
    5. RAM Memory (Hot Tips)
    6. RAM Memory (Arch Memory -- good PC also)
    7. 18004 Memory

    8. Powerbook Medic
    9. PowerBookGuy
    10. Wegner Media (Powerbook)
    11. iFixit (Powerbook - iPod)
    12. We Love Macs (Powerbook Parts)
    13. FrankenApple (Powerbook Stuff)
    14. ifixit (Powerbook Repair)


    16. Firewire Depot
    17. Mac ResQ - MacResQ/iResQ have combined
    18. PowerMax - New and Refurbished (16Sep02)
    19. HeadGap Store - Refurbished Macs ***
    20. (xlr8yourmac)

    21. We Love Macs
    22. Hardcore Mac
    23. TechRestore - Repairs and upgrades for PowerBooks, iBooks and iPods
    24. MC Pricebreakers - Parts/Accessories
    25. Refurbished Systems and Parts List - Discount Prices (via email)
    26. Mac Parts (Limited Use)
    27. DMS -Data Memory Systems - Memory (fr Tech Notes)
    28. OEMPCWorld - Memory
    29. Dr. Bott - (specialized stuff)
    30. MacSelect (New/used/refurbished Macs)
    31. (12Apr04)
    32. Daystar Technology (3Jan05)

    33. DealMac (News on Mac Prices)
    34. eBay (Mac Listings)
    35. c|net Where to buy!

    36. Cyberian Outpost
    37. SmallDog (Good Prices, Wide Hardware Inventory, Site slow)
    38. PowerOn (Telephone orders)
    39. Mac Solutions (Excellent Prices, RAM, Hard Drives)

    40. Computer Geeks
    41. AllMac - Repair
    42. Mac Attic - Used Computers/Parts
    43. Mac-O-Rama - Mac only store
    44. Compu Pro Services - Mac/PC Repair & Parts

    45. Buy Direct (Software)
    46. Mac CPU Cards
    47. Upgrade Stuff
    48. Used Computers (Doesn't Work)
    49. Refurbished Macs
    50. Nexcomp Refurbished Mac Parts
    51. MacVizion - New and Refurbished Mac site
    52. SkylineEngineering Gateway Computers (St. Paul)
    53. Sunset Computers

    54. Upgrade Stuff

    55. Liquidation Station
    56. Deal Deal
    58. Egghead
    59. Data Path
    60. Mac Stuff (Doesn't Work)
    61. Purchase a list of wholesale computer parts sellors

    62. Random Links

    63. DataPath - Computers/Software

    Check this out!

    Net Market - membership fee
    NECZ Direct
    Diamond MM

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