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50th Reunion: Class of 1957
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(From Schedule - June 29, Friday:)
Reunion - Class of 1957 (50 year reunion) - Fish Fry at Frank Simon's Lake Kabetogama home, Contact Frank Simon, Betty (Dunham) Koski, or Class President David Holt.
1957 (expanded) Activities At A Glance
(Update 28 Feb 07 from Dave Holt)
Reunion - Class of 1957 (50th Reunion): Exact places and times will be posted later but the current plan is:
    Thursday, June 28
      - 1 PM, Lunch at Holiday Inn (Private room - Ask at desk because not yet assigned):
      - 7 PM, Movies and Popcorn, Elks Club upstairs, Rock Around the Clock/Don't Knock the Rock. All classes of the 1950's & 1960's welcome.
    Friday, June 29
      - 7AM, Breakfast at FHS,
      - 12NOON, Dinner will be Fish Fry;
    Saturday, June 30
      - 7AM, Breakfast at FHS,
      - 12NOON, Picnic Lunch at the Park before the Parade,
      - 2 PM: Parade,
      - 5PM, Dinner will be Backyard Barbeque,
      - After 7:30: Street Dance;
    Sunday, July 1
      - Church of your choice,
      - 1PM, Lunch at the Dock.

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Topic: Can't Make the ACR
Comments: ... Due to Drs orders I will not be able to make it to the reunion. I'm very disappointed, but I quess it is for my own good. Having trouble regulation oxygen. Hope everybody has a good time and "Hi" to all ...more ...
From: Lorrayne Charnell-1957
(Message Board Entry 71 on 22-Jun-2007)

Topic: I Look forward to seeing everyone
Comments: Friends - look forward to seeing everyone at the '57 reunion. Thanks to all who are involved in the planning of it. Dale and I live on Mille Lacs Lake and travel to the Falls often because our two daughters, who grew up in Denver, married Falls guys and now live there with their husbands and kids. See you soon.
Janet Sawchuk Madson <Email Address Not Printed>
06/06/07 15:19 (EST)
Topic: First generation Phaklides alumni and their spouses
Comments: The occasion for this family reunion was a wedding reception in our back yard for our youngest son, Steven and his bride, Trisha on May 23, 1992. It was the last time that we were all together as a group.
- Jerry Phaklides (1957)
May 27, 2007 12:55:27 PM CDT
Topic: Have my airplane reservations
Comments: Am looking forward to seeing a number of you. Where did 50 years go in our lives? I retired in 1995 from a very successful teaching career ...more ...
From: Edie Duncan-1957
(Message Board Entry 65 on 15-May-2007)

Topic: FHS Dance Bands ...
Comments: After an exhaustive search of my vast archives, I located the attached photo (translation: I stumbled upon it during a cursory look at the junk collection in my attic). This was a promotional poster for a rare out of town engagement for the May 15, 1955 Baudette, MN Junior-Senior prom.
Front: Unidentified - Sax, Bob Miggins (58) - Sax, Bill Schlafge (54) - Sax, Ron Bement (58) - Sax, Brian Gilchrist (56) - Sax
Back row: Stan Louiseau (58) - Trumpet, Bob Glennie (54) - Trombone, Gerald Phaklides (57) - Drums, Hartman Brothern (54) - Piano.
    I first joined this band in 1951 when Hartman (Manny) Brothern (54) formed the band. We played for the Friday night dances held at the Falls Community center. We were the Hartman Brothern Orchestra. The original members at that time were Guy (Jeff) Williams (54) - trumpet, Vern Gagnon (52) - clarinet and sax, Bill Schlafge (54) - sax, Lanny Orvalla (54) - trombone, Hartman Brothern (54) - piano and myself on the drums.
    Several years later, Nancy (Wagner) Gagnon (57) replaced Hartman on the piano, Brian Gilchrist (56) joined us on the clarinet and sax and Stan Louisiou (58) replaced Guy "Jeff" Williams (54) on the trumpet.
    I was also involved with two other dance bands in the 1956-1958 period: The Irving Peterson Trio: FHS marching band director Irving Peterson on trumpet, FHS orchestra director Bernard Niemi on bass viol and I played for adult dances at the Falls Country Club and at Lake Kabetogama. The Mickey Mahara Trio: Mickey Mahara, on the accordion and the piano, Stan ( can't remember his last name - he lived in Fort Frances) on the electric guitar and I played for dances at the Flame Night Club out on highway 53 (I was underage at the time but that didn't stop the customers from buying us an occasional cocktail).
    Memory may have failed me on the names/spelling of some of those wonderful people and so let me apologize in advance for that.
    ... "good times at Falls High School".
- Jerry Phaklides (1957)
via Dave Holt, Monday, April 30, 2007 1:48 PM
Topic: Since graduation ...
Comments: Since graduation I have been married, currently divorced, and have 3 children and 11 grandchildren. I completed my studies in Theology, Education, Psychology, and predoctoral studies in Policy Development and Human Resources. Recently retired after 44 years in ministry, health care and associate part time adjunct professor at Cardinal Stritch University (faculty 20 years). I enjoy traveling and have been very fortunate to travel to 23 countries. I currently live in Big Lake Minnesota and have five acres on the Mississippi River and own six additional duplexes in the area.
     Over the years of ministry and outreach I have been privileged to write music, record religious songs for special children, and contribute to three curricula. I have served on the Governor's Task Force (MN) for persons aging and with disabilities as well as the President's Task Force on Disabilities, have been CEO for services for persons with disabilities, and own a portion of the community-based services, been Senior Pastor and taught at an additional Bible college and two community colleges. I have been very fortunate and now have lived over 20 years with a lifelong chronic disease but have survived treatments as well as therapies and am very thankful for a full and productive life.
Rev. William Larry Everett - "Larry"
via Dave Holt, March 24, 2007 7:14:19 PM CDT
Topic: Looking forward ...
Comments: My husband, Dave and I live on a little 40 acre piece of property seven miles west of Bemidji. We have a hangar and grass strip in our backyard and fly a Zenith CH701 kit plane. Dave has been a private pilot for 20 years and I enjoy it as much as he does. He retired from teaching and administrating at Bemidji State University this past May. I retired from Coordinator of Vocational Education, BSU in 2001 and opened up a little gift shop boutique in a new Hampton Inn and Suites. When Dave retired I sold the store and we have been playing since then. We spent most of last summer in New York!
     We have four grown children between us (a girl and boy - Alice and two boys - Dave). We also have five grandchildren. The oldest is a junior at the University of Montana - Missoula, the second is just starting her freshman year at the University of Montana - Missoula, one more girl at home a sophomore in high school. These three girls all were raised in Bemidji. The other two grandchildren are in Duluth, Minnesota - a boy (12) and a girl (7).
     We're looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.
From Alice Meyers Larkin
via Dave Holt, March 2, 2007 11:01:35 AM CST
Topic: Hello after nearly 50 years
Comments: Hello class of 1957. Sorry it has been such a long time. A brief update. After graduating from Falls High I went to college at the University of Denver and graduated in 1961 in advertising design. Then went to work at the Denver Post newspaper as an artist and then on to a design agency. In 1985 I decided to move to California. Worked at an ad agency until laid off.
     Realizing that the computer world was on us I went back to a trade school when I was 60 for three years learning different computer graphic applications. It was nearly impossible to find a job that I thought my recent education would assist me. Now at 67 I'm still working (for a small loan company) and that brings me to this date.
     Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the 50th class reunion but a day never goes by that I don't think of the Falls and the wonderful people that lived there! My sincere best wishes to all of you!
     Happy 50th to the graduating class of 1957!
From Jon Peterson
via Dave Holt, February 28, 2007 8:10:09 AM CST
Topic: From Bev (Beckstrand) Raboin
Comments: Jerry and I are settled in Vader, Washington, where Jerry worked at Weyerhauser for 38 years. (They gave him four more for retirement.) Upon retirement he started scrolling (woodwork) and does beautiful work. I'll try to bring pictures of some of his work to the reunion. I worked as an Escrow Secretary for a title company in Longview. We have three adult children, Kirk, Dale, and Vicki, with six grandchildren and one great-grandson.
    Only one of the children lives outside of Longview. Vicki and her husband live in Peoria, AZ, along with her two sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandson. I visited her in October and had a terrific time. Our great-grandson is precious as they come and I truly miss him. I was there for his FIRST crawl! Vicki took me to Las Vegas for my birthday for three days. No, I didn't win! Not even on the nickel machine - but she won two jackpots on the Lions at MGM, where we stayed. It was a fun time with my daughter. She is such a nut -- her married name is Nutt! Jerry, meanwhile, was hunting in Alaska.
    Just wanted to add -- Sue (Crotty) Nickerson and husband Karl will be coming to the Reunion. We are trying to get flights now, but very scant picking and very spendy.
From Bev (Beckstrand) Raboin
via Webman, 02/14/07 12:23 (EST)
Topic: Hi from Lorrayne Charnell
Comments: Would love to hear from my old class mates! I live in Wi now, am retired from Honeywell in Mpls. I have some health problem, but otherwise doing pretty good ...more ...
From: Lorrayne Charnell-1957
(Message Board Entry 8 on 06-Oct-2006)

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Remember? Summmer of 2006 Reunion

Fish Fry, July 2006
From: Dave Holt
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 9:45 PM
Subject: FISH FRY
    The Fifty-Seven Fish Fry was once again a huge success. Some folks attended for the first time and said they would never miss another. Thanks to Frank and Trudy for hosting again and thanks to Frank for providing the fish -- "all you can eat" walleye!! Thank you also to Jim Bartkowski for providing the drinks. Ed Baron and Fred Boeckers fried all those walleyes and did a superb job.
    We received a preliminary schedule of activities planned for next year's All Class Reunion, June 28 to July 1. All of you should have received your copy by now. If you didn't, let me know. Our plans changed at the fish fry as folks suggested a preference for an opportunity to circulate among our classmates to catch up with as many as possible.
    The important thing right now is to plan your summer of 2007 so you will be in the Falls June 28 through July 1. As our plans take shape, we will let you know. With these emails you can have a voice in the planning process. In fact, I would like very much to hear if you have been to a reunion (ours or your spouse's) and saw something you thought was a real good idea. We'll try to work it in.
    Housing would seem to me to be problematic. (I doubt there are enough motels.) Many of you have motor homes and will bring your house with you. (Are there enough places to hook up?) Anyone who can, should arrange to stay with relatives or classmates. If you don't have a connection, let me know and I will try to arrange places for you to stay with one of our classmates.
(Click the picture for a larger image.)
Back: Dave Holt, Lynn Belanger, Fred Boeckers, Ed Baron, Pat Barber Kjellgren, Geraldine Rasmussen Lindsey, Frank Simon, Betty Dunham Koski, Clifford Orstad, Jerry Sumner, Peggy Holt Gustafson and Virginia Sutherland Jespersen. Front: Charles Bergstedt, Nina Leseman Rosendahl, Eleanora Woodbridge Pound, Helen Hilke Tingblad, Carol Abendroth Campbell, Joan Nelson Mahle. Not Pictured: Janice Marble Lagergren, Dorothy Ysen Glowack

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