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Falls High School Alumni Newsletter
Published and Distributed Three Times per year - February, June/July, October
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If you don't receive a copy of this wonderful "labor of love" by Janet (Larson) Schultheis (1950) you NEED to subscribe to receive the latest news on FHS Alumni and "happenings around IFalls". Janet is in the Falls during the summer but she (and "Red" (1952) ) spend the winters in North Carolina. The Newsletter will have all this information for you though.

(October 2012) Please Note: Janet has retired ... The FHS Alumni Newsletter is now being published by committee.

To get started, send your mailing address and a $10 subscription fee to:

Alumni Newspaper
PO Box 933
International Falls, MN 56649

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You can also send your own "news" for the Newsletter to the same address --- please, news is wanted and needed! Please Send News!
Alumni Newspaper
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Issue No. 68 - February 2014
(NOTE: There was no issue published in October 2013)

   ... (February 26, 2014) ... Newsletter No. 68 (Now designated for February 2014) has been mailed and is also available online. Issue No. 68 is now available for download.

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   ... Is your subscription "UP-TO-DATE"? Do you enjoy the FHS Alumni Newsletter and wish to receive it?

Issue No. 67 - June 2013
   ... (June 27, 2013) ... The June 2013 Issue is now available for download
   ... (June 27, 2013) The is a call for Volunteer Chairs to organize an All Class Reunion in 2016 (the last ACR was in 2007). See the Newsletter (Page 1).

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Issue No. 66 - February 2013
   ... (Nov 26, 2012) ... The February 2013 Issue of the FHS Alumni Newsletter needs YOUR news.

   ... (Mar 5, 2013) ... The February 2013 Issues is now available for download

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   ... Status: If you are NOT receiving your regular mail copy of the Newsletter, it is suggested that you view your complete record (in our database) - is your address up to date, etc. - See Subscriber Status.
   ... Please "do your part" by sending in your check. The amount requested ($10) is not large. The amount is based on every subscriber doing his/her part. [Send your check to: Alumni Newsletter, PO Box 933, International Falls, MN 56649].

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Issue No. 65 - October 2012
   ... (Oct 30, 2012) ... The October 2012 Issue of the FHS Alumni Newsletter is available for Download

   ... (Oct 23, 2012) ... The October 2012 Issue of the FHS Alumni Newsletter has been printed and is "in process" of being mailed to subscribers. Look for your copy in the regular mail soon! Complimentary copies are being sent to class members with known mailing addresses for Classes of 1952, 1962, 1967, 1987, 1997, 2002.

   ... (Aug 8, 2012) ... Send in your Class Reunion News and Pictures for the October 2012 Issue! (Contact Karen or Tammy.)

   ... [NOTE: The newsletter is now being published by a "committee" since Janet has reduced her "involvement" in this "personal project" of many years.]

Issue No. 64 - July 2012
   ... (Jul 17, 2012) ... FHS Alumi Newsletter Issue No. 64 is now available for download. Watch for your regular mail copy soon!
   ... (Jul 10, 2012) ... Mailing Labels were sent to Falls today so the assumption is that the new "publication by committee" group will have the "Summer Issue" of the FHS Alumni Newsletter "in the mail" soon! Look for it in your regular mailbox! Hope your Summer Class Reunions were super experiences!
   ... (May 11, 2012) Red is out golfing today for the first time ... I am just starting on the next FHS Newsletter ... Hopefully, will get much of the June (2012) issue done here (North Carolina) and then print near middle of June ... (Maybe late June?) ... Have a few obits done ... Very little news submitted? (email from Janet)
   ... (March 10, 2012) Past Issues Available for download. With Janet "backing off" as she indicated (see ISSUE 63), the June 2012 Issue system has not been made known yet ... stay tuned!

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Issue No. 63 - February 2012
   ... (February 15, 2012) Janet is busy "labeling and taping" the FHS Alumni Newsletter #63 (February 2012) ... Subscribers will received their regular mail copy soon. There is a wonderful feature on Janet (it is her 80th BD next week) ... the layout is terrific (thanks Tammy) ... lots of picts, etc.! Available NOW for download.
   ... (February 6, 2012) (email from Janet) ... this issue (#63) in progress is shaping up really well and you'll do just fine with less input from me! No, I'm not QUITTING -- just backing off a bit ... I'll try to be helpful (especially in getting them labeled/out when I'm here (in Falls) as well, probably, as one winter trip home) ... It isn't easy for me to do this, but seems like the right time. Put out a "plea for some reporters"!
   ... (January 31, 2012) Issue No 63 is projected for publication on February 13, 2012. Stay tuned for updates. Make sure your Reunion News has been sent to Janet Schultheis!

See: Archived Newsletter Info
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Alumni Newspaper
PO Box 933
International Falls, MN 56649

Get ON the subscription list for the next Alumni Newsletter by contacting Karen!!!!!
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Anyone wishing to see a copy of a previous issue can let me know. Postage rates keep rising!

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Topic: FHS Alumni Newsletter for June 2011
Comments: The printed edition of the FHS Alumni Newsletter is being readied for publication. Make sure you have subscribed to receive this in your regular mail. If you have not contributed/subscribed for a long time it may be "time to renew" your subscription! See: to Continue or NOT Continue ...
From: David Thomas (Web Manager) <Email Address Not Printed>
05/17/11 08:43 (EST)
Topic: Newsletter #60 - February 2011
Comments: Let us know what your "favorite" features are in the current Newsletter! Your "input" really helps! Send a "Message to Janet" (by clicking the link above) or make an entry in this area to share your comments with all of us!
From: David Thomas (Web Manager) <Email Address Not Printed>
02/24/11 09:23 (EST)
Topic: Snowbirds! (Hmmm ... those seeking warmer climates during the traditional MN winters)
Comments: It is important to us that we mail your FHS Newsletter to a correct address (PO Returns get expensive). Make sure you let us know if you are going to be gone to "warmer climates" for the October and/or February issues! Will you be gone for both issues or only the February Issue? Let us know! Address Change
From: David Thomas, Web Manager <Email Address Not Printed>
10/12/10 09:12 (EST)
Topic: Three (3) Issues per year!
Comments: "Reading between the lines": It appears that the FHS Alumni Newsletter may be reduced to three issues per year (the August issue may not be published any longer)! Stay tuned!
From: David Thomas, Web Manager <Email Address Not Printed>
10/12/10 08:48 (EST)
Topic: See Newsletter Notes
Comments: Please access the NEWSLETTER NOTES for more info about Newsletter Issues!
From: David Thomas, Web Manager <Email Address Not Printed>
09/03/10 08:48 (EST)
Topic: No August 2010 Newsletter Issue
Comments: Please note that there will be no August 2010 Issue of the FHS Alumni Newsletter. Information that Janet has will be combined for printing in the October 2010 Issue.
From: David Thomas, Web Manager <Email Address Not Printed>
08/28/10 09:53 (EST)
Topic: I received mine today (Newsletter)
Comments: I received my "hard copy" of the Newsletter today (Wed, 21 Oct) ... I read it online last week ... how about trying it online in February ... ... ;-)
From: David Thomas <Email Address Not Printed>
10/21/09 18:35 (EST)
Topic: Wondering if YOUR Newsletter arrived yet?
Comments: So you received FHS Alumni Newsletter #56 (at least the local copies have been delivered by now - we know because already there are address changes coming from the PO - after all our work we still have bad addresses) ... what do you think about #56? Make a comment here!
David Thomas <Email Address Not Printed>
10/17/09 03:28 (EST)
Topic: Have YOU read #56 Yet?
Comments: HAVE YOU READ #56 YET? (FHS Newsletter October 2009) Carol A (63) (of Hawaii) wrote that she "finished reading her copy and it looks great!" ... Oct 13, 9:48PM (Hawaii 4:48PM) ... talk about fast delivery! She indicates she would be "willing to receive an online only copy" to save costs if/when that system is ready! How about YOU?
David Thomas <Email Address Not Printed>
10/14/09 07:15 (EST)
Topic: #56 Printing is delayed
Comments: Publication/Printing date for #56 has been delayed until Tuesday, 13 October 2009 ... the online version should be available that evening!
David Thomas <Email Address Not Printed>
10/12/09 09:15 (EST)
Topic: Alumni Directory Copies Still Available
Comments: Just talked to them down in Florida
Alumni Research
3333 - US HIGHWAY 19 - Suite 6
Holiday, FL 34691
(See Link In The Left Column on Most ACR Pages)
Cost of the IFalls directory is still $66.90: THE IMPORTANT INFO IS that they have 38 copies left ... period. I plan to call back around August 1 for an update before I do Issue #47
From: Janet Schultheis <Email Address Not Printed>
07/13/07 02:56 (EST)
Topic: There will be a May-June Newsletter
Comments: Janet indicates that there WILL be a May-June Newsletter prior to the ACR. Send in your info.....
David Thomas, Web Manager <Email Address Not Printed>
04/19/07 10:40 (EST)
Topic: Alumni Newsletter Winter Mailing Address
Comments: The winter mailing address (for #45) is Janet Larson Schultheis, 906 Sylvan Blvd, Hendersonville, NC 28791. All "news" is welcome -- send along your Christmas letters with section marked that you wish to share. Any photos can also be sent to this address. Janet will be "back in Minnesota" in February to publish #45......
David Thomas <Email Address Not Printed>
10/25/06 09:02 (EST)
Topic: Lot's Of Work
Comment: OH --- Zion's (Zion Lutheran Church) women cleared close to $2,500 at their Harvest supper/ mini-bazaar on Wednesday (Oct 11) ... a very ecumenical group of eaters ... average age near us ... St. Thomas (St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church) does their annual turkey meal ... used to pay to heat the church in the winter but doubtful if it can do that now (with heating costs so high). They cleared $5,400 and that was with ALL turkeys donated and desserts and raw vegies ... LOTS OF HARD WORK! (Email from Janet) From: Janet Schultheis
October 17, 2006 7:36:30 AM CDT

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