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Reunion: People or Places?
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Falls High School ACR Homepage
    This is the HOMEPAGE for the International Falls High School All Class Reunion in 2007.
    There is a "BLOG" below for the Tri-Chairs and the ACR Committee to make up-to-date entries (Announcements / Comments / Suggestions) to keep you informed about progess of their plans for the ACR.
    (The Schedule of Events will be updated on the web pages as received from the ACR Committee.)
    There are links in the Links Column at the left for other pages with information.
    Check back often to keep up-to-date on the events and plans for the ACR 2007.
    You may also wish to check the entries (and maybe make an entry yourself) in the Message Board to keep in contact with your classmates about YOUR plans for the ACR!
    (There is also a place for entry of comments/news on most pages --- I'm wishing to offer systems to suit different "styles" or "comfort zones"! You are encouraged to make some entries -- contact the web manager to delete any entries should you make a typo, etc.)
    It is suggested to "check each page" in the left LINKS COLUMN so you won't miss entries by your friends! ;-)
    It is recommended to READ the FHS Alumni Newsletter as another sources of information on the ACR. (There will probably also be regular mail envelopes arriving in your mailbox.)
    Notice that the footer of each page has links for sending emails to some people. (More may be added as Committees start offering information on the web site.)
    Hope you WILL be there to see the "Blue Moon"!!!
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"What's New"
6/22: From The Chair
6/22: 1957 New Message
6/20: New Photos
6/20: Late Registration
6/20: Schedule Update
6/20: 1353 are Coming!
6/6: Register 5K Run
6/5: MSG Board Entry
5/27: 1987 New Event

3/21: Newsletter #46

Schedule and Registration
  • You should have received the (initial) Schedule and the Registration Blank by Regular Mail.
  • Events may be changed or added --- Click to download the most up-to-date schedule here:
         Schedule (PDF) | Registration Blank (PDF) | How To PDF
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    From the Web Manager:
        I am encouraging the ACR Committee to continue use of these web pages to "wrap up" the ACR 2007 and to provide information about the actual attendees, how to obtain left over REGISTRATION PACKETTS and tee/sweat shirts, etc.
        I am not sure when/if a new committee "takes over" so the situation is not clear. Please come back to these pages and see if any "wrap up" materials have been provided to the web site and if any information will be provided about the future REUNIONS. (I see many possibilities for a web site like this if you, the FHS grads and Class Chairs, wish to use it.)
        I know there will be materials handed out at the REGISTRATION table and the DAILY JOURNAL and the ALUMNI NEWSLETTER will issue reports but there may be some people that are missed by those means and may find it convenient to access things via a website.
        Come back and enter some of your "accolades", suggestions, impressions, etc. on the MESSAGE BOARD or any of the MAKE A COMMENT areas of the current pages.
    KEDA Encourages Input From The Community
    Brief Announcements/Comments "From The Tri-Chairs" ("BLOG") -->(Chairs)
    Start Comments

    Topic: After ACR
    Comments: Wow!!!!! was the word we have heard at the ACR and in emails. We would like to thank everyone who helped us make it a reality and also those who attended. We don't have the final figures yet but will post them as soon as they're compiled. The street dance was a huge success and it was a pleasure listening to the reunion band play some of the old tunes from yesteryear, I may be wrong but they sure sounded better now then when they were younger.
    Will keep you up to date.
    From: Dave Clark <Email Address Not Printed>
    07/12/07 11:56 (EST)
    Topic: Do Not Mail Registrations
    Comments: Please don't mail your registration in at this late date. We probably wouldn't get it in time. Please just come to the Falls High School Thursday Noon - 7:00 p.m., Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or Saturday morning. Everyone has to come there to pick up their registration packets anyway. If you can't get there during these times, have a friend pick it up for you. Thanks, and have a safe trip home. We'll see you when you get here.
    From: Diane Edens <Email Address Not Printed>
    06/24/07 10:04 (EST)
    Topic: From the Chair
    Comments: Well, the time has finally come where it's time for me to head up to 'da Falls'. I hope everyone that has the chance to come up for the Reunion can make it and hope that you have a "Great Time".
    Dave Clark
    From: Dave Clark <Email Address Not Printed>
    06/19/07 13:16 (EST)
    Topic: Volunteers Needed for Registration Tables
    Comments: The ACR committee held a meeting Thursday, May 31, and had a good turnout. The purpose of the meeting was to identify any loose ends that needed attention and to seek help with the various activities. We still need some help with the registration,on all three days, as we plan on having the volunteers working only 2-4 hours at a time.
    If you would like to volunteer some of your time please contact one of the Tri-Chairs and we will put you on the "on call" list.
    If you have looked at the schedule lately it promises to be one of the busiest Reunions we've ever had. We hope every one will enjoy themselves and participate in the many activities that have been planned.
    Thanks from the The ACR Committee
    From: Dave Clark <Email Address Not Printed>
    06/05/07 20:40 (EST)
    Contact Tri-Chair, Dave Clark
    Topic: Plan to "Take The Bus"
    Comments: I'm so excited! Sha Sha is HUGE and going to be just beautiful. I went there this week to check out the progress. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I'm confident all will be done by the ACR. You won't beleive it! The ACR will have a huge bus running from the Falls, Ranier, bars & resorts Friday & Saturday night of the ACR. Please use the bus as parking is "as always" very limited at Sha Sha.
    From: Diane Edens <Email Address Not Printed>
    (Message Board Entry 63 on 11 May 2007)
    Contact Tri-Chair, Diane Edens

    (Items will be archived after about a month - See: Archived BLOG.)

    Something about the "home place"
        Although there were inhabitants around long before, International Falls area became known to explorers, missionaries and voyageurs as early as the 1600s, it was not until later that a small permanent village was first formed.
        The inhabitants gave the names Rainy Lake and Rainy River to the nearby bodies of water because of the mist-like rain present at the falls where the lake flowed into the river. This promising community originally was known as Koochiching (a word with Anishinaabe/Ojibwe/Ojibway roots meaning "neighboring lake and river").
        Gold was discovered and became an attraction. Rainy Lake City on Black Bay became a short-lived gold town.
        (It is interesting to note the different means of travel used in the early days (before the railroad and highways were constructed) as people journeyed for days via boat (Rainy River or the chain of lakes from Tower) and walking to arrive at this North country.)
        In 1901 the village Koochiching was incorporated and two years later its name was changed to International Falls in recognition of the river's role as a border between the United States and Canada.
        Realizing the potential for waterpower and mills in the area, E.W. Backus created an immense dam and the Minnesota and Ontario Paper Company in the early 1900s. Purchased by Boise Cascade Corporation in 1965, it remains the largest business and employer in the area.
    (Click on an image! Some images will change on mouseover! Right click for some other results!)

    See: Koochiching County Genealogy (Postcards)

    Alumni Directory
    Alumi Research Site
    (Locate Names and Addresses)

    KEDA Encourages Input From The Community

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